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    What Is ERIS FootWare?

    RockStar has a tradition of parody and satire -- and that extends to the fictional brands they create in their worlds. ERIS FootWare is a parody of NIKE and other over-hyped athletic-wear companies with very shaky corporate morality and shameless driving of senseless consumerism. ERIS is the Greco-Roman Goddess of Strife. NIKE is the goddess of Victory. Also, the logo is a "Hand of Eris" that looks very similar to DC Shoes' logo.


    What Is This Page?

    We're the [ERIS] Crew, in GTA 5.  Reppin' the brand, and Discordianism.

    Part of the "Player H8" guild collective by LODANE.com

    I'm In A Crew Already, Can I Still Join?

    Yes. You can be in more than one crew at once. You can make us a primary or secondary crew.

    How Do I Join?

    Joining is a two-part process. First, you can join the crew itself on RockStar Social's Page.

    Then, to REALLY join the community itself, sign up on our Enjin Forums.

    Do I Have To Join The Forums?

    Technically -- no. But, we will have no other recourse for communication with you if you don't.


    If you don't join the forums, when any change happens with the crew (e.g., it turns into a GTA 6 crew) you'll have no way of knowing how to reach us or how to keep in contact with your crew friends.

    I'm Not Familiar With The Joke, Have An Example?

    Here's the in-game radio commercials from the games: [posted by others]

    ERIS commercial on YouTube (consumerism) | ERIS commercial on YouTube (child-labor)

    Most of the images on this page were also lifted from the in-game "ErisFootWare.com" site. This website has a ".net" extension to differentiate our existence from an actual RockStar property (which we are not).

  • Meet Our New Model

    Meet The Newest Member of

    the Eris Footware Family!


    Trevor Phillips is a successful businessman

    when he's not busy modeling our casualware.


    Our office practically runs on

    products from Trevor Phillips Industries!